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Our team, Minnesota Elite lacrosse, has attend the Denver lacrosse camp  run by Coach Torpey for the last 5 years.  Being from Minnesota, where lacrosse is only a club sport in our colleges, and was only just sanctioned as high school boys sport 2 years ago, there aren't many opportunities to expose our players talent to the rest of the country. The Denver Camp does just that. Our teams received excellent skills training and coaching from some of the top lacrosse coaches in the country. They  provide excellent competition from teams all over the country, and most importantly provide invaluable exposure for our players to some of the best Lax colleges in the country.  In the last 5 years, we have had 10 of our players recruited from the Denver camp alone to play Division 1 lacrosse at some of the best schools out east as well as around the country. We have had over 30 placed at the D3 Level. This in itself speaks volumes about Jon Torpey's camps and clinics.

-  S. J.  Minnesota Elite Lacrosse

My son has attended a couple camps and clinics that Coach Torpey directed. The instruction was top-notch! Coach Torpey and his staff weren’t just focusing on individual instruction and team play, they were constantly stressing the importance of academics, remaining positive and one’s character. While coaching the finer points of lacrosse, they were also teaching life lessons. Colin has attended numerous camps and clinics around the country, but finds himself  returning to the instructional camps Coach Torpey runs. Thank you Coach!

-  G. M.   Tahoma Lacrosse Club

Coach Torpey's camps and clinics are always run in a first class manner - on time, on target, and fun for the players and coaches alike.  Coach Torpey is proactive in follow-up, and the camps and clinics have become more popular year-over-year as the word spreads.  He focuses on the needs of the audience, and is very helpful to coaches and players in the area regardless of their age or experience. 

- T.G.  Cheyenne Mountain